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Alert Santa Fe is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Santa Fe to communicate with city residents during emergencies. It is available to anyone who lives, works, travels through or visits the Santa Fe, and to City Public Utility customers. 

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Spanish Language Video

This 16 minute COVID-19 Spanish language video was created by a six-woman group including three Immigrant Action Group members - Wynn Lewis, Elizabeth McMahon and Carol Kilpatrick - along with support from many activists across the country. The video is about protecting yourself and family from the Coronavirus.

The project was started when the group realized there was a scarcity of resources in Spanish about COVID-19 as well as that those not tied into the news and/or aren't readers may be missing the important guidelines and updates about COVID-19.

It includes two women talking together. One is an incredible Chicana activist, Maria Christina-Lopez, an immigrants’ right organizer here in New Mexico. She speaks alongside of Emily Vargas Riaño a knowledgeable public health specialist in Bogotá. They converse together in a clear, warm, educative way about their experiences and knowledge, presenting 7 key ways that people can protect themselves and their families from COVID 19.

Feel free to share far and wide.