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Interested in the Quaker religion, Quaker history, or interviews with modern Quakers?  QuakerSpeak is a Quaker YouTube channel.   We interview Friends of all different backgrounds and ask them the core questions of our faith, and release a new video every other Thursday.

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Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) comprises seventeen unprogrammed Monthly Meetings and about a dozen Worship Groups in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, South Dakota and Idaho...Click here to find out more...

Intermountain Yearly Meeting 

of the Religious Society of Friends 


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Those who want to learn more about The Religious Society of Friends are invited to borrow books from the library at the Meeting House. In particular, you might want to read a copy of "Faith and Practice." Though Friends try to avoid requiring a certain set of doctrinal beliefs (allowing the Spirit Within to speak freshly to us from the silence), some of us also listen closely the teachings of the Bible (especially the Gospel of John and the Book of James). 

Our "Faith and Practice" book, developed by a committee of a regional Friends organization, contains historical information, quotes from well-known members of the Religious Society of Friends, and items we call "advices" and "queries." The queries play an important role for us, especially when we choose to focus on one of them for Meeting. The queries from "Faith and Practice" are questions that challenge us to look at our lives and practices in a fresh light, trying to follow the leadings of Christ as they apply to us today.

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