How We Worship

How we worship 

We follow the "unprogrammed" style of worship. That means that we do not employ a pastor to lead our services. Attenders should expect to enter quietly and take any seat. Seats face the center. Some Friends may arrive early to sit in silence and quiet their thoughts (centering down) before the start of Meeting for Worship.

In our worship we try to keep an expectant attitude, waiting for the "still small voice" of God. 

Occasionally someone in Meeting will feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to give a vocal message. Friends are urged to wait until they are sure that the prompting is genuine and then speak loudly enough that all can hear. Since we believe that "that of God" is within every person, we listen carefully to each message, seeking together for the truth. Sometimes the reason for a message may be unclear, even to the speaker, but we often find out later that it "speaks to the condition" of another listener. It is our custom that speakers be brief (not continuing beyond what they feel they are required by Spirit to say), and that ordinarily they speak no more than once, not dialoguing with each other. Also it is our custom that a respectful period of silence follow each message. 

Occasionally an entire Meeting for Worship is spent in silence. The silence is spent in prayer or meditation. Friends often report that they have been enriched by meeting in the silence, or alternatively that a spoken message had a meaning for them. We have no single style of meditation, except that we expect it to be a group experience. Many of us find that worship is most rich if we sit quietly with feet on the floor, hands folded, and head bowed in expectant silence. Friends are urged to come to meeting without prepared materials, without a plan to speak, but also with an expectation that it may turn out that they are prompted to speak.

Following Meeting for Worship

At rise of both 9:00 am and 11:00 am worship, (approximately 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, a Friend gives a signal of closure (rise of Meeting) by shaking the hand of a person sitting near them. All are invited to shake hands and share greetings. Newcomers will be invited to introduce themselves, and often everyone in the room introduces themselves as well. Announcements usually take about 5-10 minutes.

Then everyone is invited to have hot drinks and whatever snacks have been set out. This is also a social time when you can meet your fellow worshipers.

You are invited to sign our guest book in the library.