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From The New York Times, May 22, 2020. You may need to subscribe to read this.


• Try to avoid sitting in a place with strong light behind you

• Position your camera so it is stationary and shows your full face

• Eliminate/minimize background noise

• Mute yourself when you are not speaking

• You may rename yourself using your name from the participant drop down list

• Sit close to the microphone on your device so you can be heard clearly

• Speak more slowly and clearly than when face-to-face in person

• Turn off video if you are eating or drinking, leaving the room or need to move around

• Zoom participation can be tiring. Please be mindful of length of sharing time when giving feedback.

Visit www.zoom.us/join for quick login

using Zoom Meeting ID

If you are joining meetings by manually entering a Meeting ID,

please check the website calendar.

Worship Sharing Guidelines_1.pdf
Worship Sharing Guidelines for Zoom.pdf
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