Santa Fe Friends Meeting

505 Camino de Los Marquez

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

505 819 3453 (messages)

Welcome to the Santa Fe Friends Meeting


11 am Sunday combined in-person worship with those worshiping by Zoom

For safety, the greeting room / east entrance is locked when it is not directly supervised.

If you arrive after worship has begun, please use the door next to the west parking lot to enter directly into the meeting room.

11 am-12 pm Children’s program & childcare during summer.

Potluck lunch following worship 1st Sundays of the month.

Please check calendar below for activities & for Zoom links.

9 am Sunday in-person (not hybrid) early worship

COVID 19 SAFETY (please monitor this site for updates)

* The Health and Safety Committee notes that Covid 19, RSV and Flu cases are rising in Santa Fe. In order that more vulnerable members and attenders may feel safer attending worship at the meetinghouse, the committee makes the following recommendations.

Those who attend meeting for worship should: wear a face mask, wash their hands/use hand sanitizer; and sign the Covid 19 contact tracing log before entering the meeting room.

Participation in refreshments or potluck is a personal decision. Those who wish to gather for refreshments or potluck should continue to wear a face mask and wash their hands/use hand sanitizer before serving themselves food or beverage. Once they are seated they can take off their mask.


At this time, the use of the meetinghouse is limited to these groups posted and Santa Fe Friends Meeting activities and committees.

Reserve for a Quaker Activity at:

Non Quaker Inquiries:

Twelfth Month Query:

“Are our meetings for business held in a spirit of worship and a dependence on the guidance of Spirit?” (adapted from Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, 1.02.14)

The Santa Fe Friends thank you for considering a donation to help maintain our historic buildings and grounds, programs, and outreach to the community.

IMYM Faith and Practice Clicking the link will download a PDF

Santa Fe Friends Meeting

505 Camino de Los Marquez

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505