Quaker Activities

Community Service

Serving the Homeless of Santa Fe

It’s that time of year again! The Quakers and the Buddhists unite to serve dinner to our homeless neighbors through the winter months.

We’re starting on Tuesday, October 22 from 5-9PM.

The menu will be a Mexican meal - so that includes beans, tortillas, salsa, cheese, salad and meat.

  • We need 8 people to 1-2 pounds each of cooked and spiced ground meat.
  • We could use someone to cook a pot of vegetarian “meat”
  • We need 6 quarts of cooked beans
  • We need salad ingredients
  • A few big jars of salsa
  • Tortillas - corn and flower

We’re going to check the pantry there to see what is there in the way of desserts, fruit, dressings and condiments.

Please let me know what you can bring and what time you can come to serve. We’ll be serving dinner to about 120 people at Pete’s Place, hours: 5-9PM. The shifts will be from 5-7:30 and 7-9PM.

We need 8-10 people for the early shift and 6 for the late one.

Location: 2801 Cerrillos Road one block south of Camino Carlos Rey

If you want to donate cash just let me know and we’ll use it to buy ingredients for the dinner.

Please RSVP to me at webblit@gmail.com to let me know what shift you can take and what you can bring.

Please mark your calendars for future dates: Monday November 11, Wednesday December 18, Thursday February 20th and Sunday March 8th.