Minute on Immigration


Approved 11/18/18

Equality, community and integrity are foundations of Quaker belief. Therefore, as

immigrants and refugees in our community encounter trials such as family separation,

incarceration, internment and deportation, Santa Fe Monthly Meeting is called to put these

beliefs into action. We will support these neighbors in their daily lives, providing aid,

companionship, friendship and safety in whatever ways we are able.

We affirm the right of refugees from all types of violence to apply for asylum in this

country, including those whose lives are threatened by gang violence, rape, and domestic

violence and abuse. We affirm the right of those seeking asylum to be treated with respect,

dignity, and due process during the application procedures. We call upon the government of

the United States to honor its legal obligations under the Refugee Act of 1980 and the 1967

United Nations Protocol on Refugees to provide protection to those who qualify as refugees.

We recognize that our national immigration system is in dire need of attention, funding

and fixing. We advocate for local, state and national policies that live up to our values, calling

for meaningful, lasting immigration system reform.